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    官网:www.52688.com 网站:www.euesco.com
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  • —— Products Show ——

    Because more professional all the more excellent

    —— Brand advantage ——

    Focus on sports brands for twenty years

  • Enterprise strength

    Covers an area of 26000 square meters, has a large modern workshop, more than 180 employees, with an annual output of more than 500 tons of celluloid and transparent material, table tennis table tennis racket 80 million, 2 million sets of products ...
  • Services

    In the treatment of customer requirements, we put life into the product, the product quality of the relationship between the survival and development of enterprises, and to bring wealth to the enterprise.
  • Quality and safety

    Determination by ISO9001:2000
    ISO14000 environmental system certification
  • Throughput

    The world's only from raw materials to the production of the ball, the country's largest table tennis and table tennis equipment business.
  • —— About Us ——

    Table tennis equipment manufacturing expert

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